We are a company dedicated to the sale and sale of furniture and decorative items. We direct our business mainly to the film production companies, as well as to the advertising sector, but also to the general public for those special occasions that require the best furniture and, even, handmade tableware of the highest quality.

Our furniture covers a wide variety of styles: modern, contemporary, antique, etc., and in many cases they are unique pieces, worthy of museums and exhibitions.

The material is mainly wood and its color, the natural one in most cases.

Our furniture has already served as a filming set for several local and international producers. Among its motivations to opt for the rental of furniture has always been the savings in costs derived from furniture storage services, our enormous variety and immediate availability.

For this reason, the art departments of the film industry are our main destinatiaries.

In our furniture catalog, you will find everything that may interest you. Cabinets, chests of drawers, display cabinets, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors, etc., constitute our particular range of furniture at your fingertips for the decoration of your set.

Why buy if you can rent? This is our motto.

In addition, and if you are also looking for a location, we can offer several of ours, mainly located in the Casa Palacio Lercaro, in La Orotava. It is an enclave of more than 6,000m2, of which half are spectacular period gardens.

If you prefer, you can also visit us. We are in the north of Tenerife, in La Orotova.

We have created this initiative convinced that we will save you headaches and that we will also make your business reduce time and costs.

We know that we are what you are looking for and, for this reason, we put at your fingertips the best, at a very competitive price and quickly.

Ask us.